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doghouse gin

Doghouse Distillery

You don’t have to be big to win, you just need heart and courage says Master Distiller Braden  – small batch Gin Producer

(he’s an Auzzy so we will forgive him as hes fab bloke)

graveney gin

Graveney Gin

Graveney Gin was created using a small but perfectly formed 30L Copper Still which produces 30 bottles per batch. Graveney Gin is a truly handcrafted spirit of uncompromising quality so perfect for any ginthusiasts.

skully gin

Skully Gin

Skully Gins are distilled in the souht of the Netherlands using fresh spices, herbs and fruits, in order to create a range of smooth gins with exceptional and unexpected tastes. The recipes of their spirits are developed in order to bring a smooth characteristic taste.

spitfire gin

Spitfire Gin

Capturing the spirit of WW2 Britain, this Gin made in the heart of Cambridgeshire has types of Orange, Almonds and Borage alongside Coriander, Rosemary, Star Anise and Rose Petals which present a wonderfully aromatic gin.


Far Reaches Gin

After scores of sampled botanicals (many of which had never been used in a drink, let alone a gin before), tweaked recipes and a torturous process finding the right brand name, Far Reaches was born – the perfect spirit for travel and adventure.

harley house gin

Harley House Gin

Harley House Pure Sussex gin contains a unique blend of botanicals, creatively distilled and enhanced by the fresh water that has been slowly filtered through the chalk Southdowns resulting in a Pure Sussex Gin with unparallelled quality and flavour.

mary rose gin

Mary Rose Gin

The flagship spirit from the HMS Spirits Company is blended to build on tradition whilst challenging the norm. A premium blend of organic botanicals with an added infusion of rosemary. The recipes high natural oil content gives you a spirit thats smoother on the palate.

caspyn gin

Caspyn Gin

Pocketful of Stones was born in the cellar of a pub in London. Sat around a tiny copper still, two brothers tinkered with gin recipe after gin recipe. The dream was to get back to their roots, the outdoors and the ocean and produce something they were both passionate about. Caspyn was born.

turncoat gin

Turncoat Gin

Using botanicals and ingredients from home and the far side of the world, Turncoat is about raising standards and expectations. Inspired by secret Turncoats throughout history, the distillery pushes the boundaries of British refinement and its understated approach to excellence.

porthecary gin

Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Gin uses the unusual process of distilling each botanical separately, and then blending them together before dilution, which yields optimum quality and incomparable aromas and flavours, producing an exciting gin that’s both well-balanced and refreshingly individual.

old bakery gin

Old Bakery Gin

Enfield’s once illicit Gin Distillery made in a Bakery in Palmers Green, now reopened & legal. This Gin came 2nd with a Silver Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and is made with only 4 Botanicals. Michael Portillo’s favourite Gin